Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kinshasa Fun & Fashion


Having decided to take more pictures of the many
nice looking Kinshasans dressed in business-attire,
I took this picture of a man crossing in front of us.
It was only on the larger view at home that I realized
he has blood coming from his ear &/or head onto his collar.
We'll never know why?
I am from Florida, where logging is a big industry.
But, the trees they have in the Congo Rain Basin
are bigger than any I've seen outside of the Redwoods in CA.
A two-fer...
business man to the right and
a casually dressed man getting a shoe shine.
How often do you see the latter?
It's common here.
This is a "Medicine Man" with his bag & staff, etc.
Many in the Congo still rely on them
and often believe myths about medications.
On reflection, knowing how taking one drug usually requires another,
making so many Americans into walking pharmacies,
maybe these guys "do no harm".
I LOVE this dress!
Plaid hat?  Not so much.

If the short video works, great.  (the picture-taker pushed the wrong button)
but if not, we have the still shot of "Rami", my Lebanese son.
When he went back to Beirut recently for his sister's wedding,
the radical Islamists killed several people in the city with a car-bomb.
It makes him sad to see his country threatened.
Color and style!
Apparently, she wanted to get somewhere fast,
so she took off her shoes.
But, I don't think that is why the young man is looking back at her! 
This lady finished the ensemble with hat, purse AND shoes to match.
Another woman in a hurry, but with shoes.
I soooo wished to have been closer for the lady on the right.
She was quite beautiful and the dress likewise.
Our latest fun "Patisserie" where the couples enjoyed a light dinner
(I had a tasty chicken & mushroom fajita packed in a deli bread... I know!)
and fabulous French pastries for with dark chocolate on them.
Because there was a problem with one of the orders,
the desserts were free...  THAT is customer service!
With many of the businesses, you have to go drive down the sidewalk
 to get to the parking.  These means "Double Jeopardy" for pedestrians!
Not enough zoom on my camera,
but this guy in purple was my "Pajama of the Week"..
We happened across this plastic shopping bag
with an unusual Italian city called LDS (for short).
I know that we are preparing to build a temple in Rome,
but had no idea things had progressed this far in Italy.
Another well-groomed business man.
This hotel is our view just before we turn into the Misson Office entry.
An unusual sight... a building under construction with actual
protection in place all around to keep falling items from hurting people.
Typically, for pedestrians, it's a matter of "Hurry and cross your fingers!"
Another uncommon style because all of the pattern design is on the font.
Wish I could have been quick enough to capture it all.
Since we are not supposed to take pictures of the police,
I just had to do it.  Two of these guys had guns, but WE had a car.
The extra swath of material over her shoulder is used in all kinds of ways.
Most often, it's wrapped around a the waist like a sarong over the basic dress.
It can also be tied so that a baby can ride in the back
or made into a sling to hold the baby in front.
It is also used as a shawl or even a head covering if it rains.
Some guys really DON'T have a clue!
An older business man.  When I see someone his age,
I know that he has seen many difficult things in his lifetime
and applaud him for coming through it all.
This is one of my favorites... the close up detail was lovely
and the fabric quite expensive looking.
A shiny, silky pink shirt... 
All business and brief case, too.
A handsome shirt in teal and puple.
And, pink again in a smock top.

Sort of Zebra-like, but also modern looking.
Could it be that NANDO'S of grilled chicken fame in Johannesburg
is ready to open their newest franchise in Kinshasa?
Swirling pattern and bright, contrasting colors.
Hand signals are given by taxis and by the waiting customer.
They communicate where they are going &/or where they want to go.
Do not ever mistake this for a traffic signal!
Taken from our roof/porch...
Two older  mothers, wearing traditional Congolese dresses
and carrying a baby & little boy on their backs.
These are the Congolese women of today.
Right after the picture above was taken,
these two young women crossed the street.
Hair, nails, jewelry all perfectly done & in place,
with short-shorts & leggings, mini-skirt and very high heels.
This is the younger generation coming up.
Today's Congolese woman, with her distinctly feminine
and very modest dress, will soon be extinct.
I'm glad we are here now... before that happens.

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