Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ambassador's Picnic

A very heavy wind & rain storm blew this flower off a tall tree and enabled me to pick it up.
It sat on my desk for the rest of the day to be enjoyed.
George said, "Come with me.  You've got to see something."  So, I followed him (reluctantly)
right into the Men's Bathroom.
He wanted another "You know you are a Congo painter" picture of what was left there overnight.
I took the picture and THEN....
This is a picture of me spinning around to face two astonished missionary APs
(Assistants to the President),
who had just come in the door and were saying with surprised shock, "SEESTAIR SMEET!!!!????"
Just a bunch of keys that George found in the office.  But, did you ever see a key like that?
When we entered the Ambassador's yard, the first place we headed for was the bags of popcorn...
I didn't want to ruin my appetite for the really great looking main courses,
but wish I'd tried one of these.
The "cones" are made out of pizza crust and filled with all kinds of yummy options,
like "jambonne et mozzarella fromage" (ham & melted cheese)

A beautiful "Flamboyant Tree" that soared and flared so... flamboyantly!
I can't remember first names, but this is Mr. Bash and Mrs. Dunn of Sarasota, FL &  Miami, FL.
They are here to do some short term consulting at the U.S. Embassy for another week. 
He will travel on to northern Africa. She will return home.  We had a great time talking about Congo.
He was here in the 80's, so tho' there have been bad periods, he has seen some signs of progress.
This little station was set up so that Americans could get overseas voting information.
When we arrived at the gate to show our passports, I recognized several people.  
Some were the Congolese guards, including a couple of my favorites,
who do security sweeps on every car that enters the USAid building where we live.
I recognized and went over to greet the girl in this picture,
who was lined up with several other American Embassy guards. 
I sat with her at the lovely pre-Easter dinner hosted by one of our building's USAid occupants,
and found out that she worked with Embassy security.
She "packs" at all times, can floor a man in one move & kill a person in 5 seconds or less...
(in multiple ways). Very interesting work!
One of many tents which only partially modified the oppressive heat.
An excellent example of why the person who is taking the picture should say,
"One! Two! Three! Smile!"
We have here Elder Smith, Elder & Sister Bingham and President & Sister Jameson.
(You can tell which two people have had more experience in being prepared for a picture)
Entering view of the Ambassador's residence.  There is a tropical courtyard in the middle of it.
The Ambassor's residence,pool & tennis court is on the other side of this fence and this is the road we use to get to the Congo River walkway, where we have walked with the Binghams.
If you look, you can see the river at the end of the road
(and some of the Brazzaville "skyline" across the river). 
Chantal doesn't usually carry THREE purses.  She is holding Erics pack, her own purse
 and a new woven purse that Sister Nguwa (wife of the other ward's Bishop) made for her,  
Aren't these women both beautiful?
Elder & Sister Billing's little Granddaughter, leya, with her father.
This was on the cover of the children's FRIEND (Church magazine) a few years ago.
The cuties of the Children's Primary Choir were so patient
 as one adult after another wanted to take their picture.
But, as you can see, some were ready to be DONE with it all.
In this picture are darling twins (with the "pop-up" hair dos),
the darling little guy (who was technically too young for the choir),
and one of the younger boys, who actually helped conduct the choir... 
He beat out perfect 3/4 time on the first song, which was in 3/4 time. 
He also beat out perfect 3/4 time on the next song, which was not!
It didn't matter... Everyone was so proud of him.


  1. I LOVE that picture of the little girl with "Jesus"! It's beautiful!

  2. Isn't it precious? And I love your profile picture with Justin and Chloe. Whoever took that picture did a good job of capturing your sweet family in their photo. :)