Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Gift of Water

We arrived at the front yard of the property's owner, and after shaking everyone's hand, we sat down on the other side of the well, facing the dignitaries.  An opening prayer was given, then the dignitaries were recognized.  L-R The LDS Bishop of the ward for that area, DeDe our translator and organizer of the program, the Mayor (speaking), and the elected Water Committee on the front row.  The tribal chief was also present and spoke during the ceremony (no, he was in dress pants and shirt!) 

Here is the Bishop cutting one of the ribbons and being closely observed by a portion of the children who had crept ever closer to watch from the sidelines.
As the "MC" kept up a fairly loud and constant commentary, a young woman brought two glasses on a tray and everyone waited with anticipation for the young man who was manning the pump to bring forth water.

When the water began to gush out, all the people clapped and shouted for joy.
Then they all roared with approval when the mayor took the first sip and continued to show their enthusiasm with each person who followed.

 I loved seeing how attentive, excited and engaged in the ceremony the children were (with the possible exception of one).
How in the world could anyone help but fall in love with these sweet children?

It is common to see brothers and sisters holding, tugging & pulling along younger siblings or otherwise taking care of each other.
The Binghams, legally representing the Church, are signing over full ownership of the well to the community, to take care of it henceforth, under the direction of their elected Water Committee.

This serious little girl with the blonde in her hair seemed to be hanging around me for a long time so she managed to get in several pictures.  I kept smiling at her and finally got her to smile later!


  1. How sweet is the little girl by the blue chair!! I also like the 15 year old girl picking her nose..... Joanne picks her nose still ;) Just kidding. And the little girl holding her sister is something else too. Glad another week has gone by and you're still safe. Love you! Janice

  2. I like the little girl by the chair also but why are her fingernails black? Also was it the girl with the blond tips that you gave the water bottle? I agree with Janice, just glad you guys are still safe and we are going to try to be greatful for something as simple as a water selfish we are!

  3. Well, first of all, I will have to admit to you both that I think the child is a little boy. The hair is short and both boys and grown men wear pink shirts, pink pants and even use pink parasols with flowers on them.. in short, they have NO hangups about gender-related color here. Now, I have to say that the black polish (or marker) does cast some question on the issue, but the bottom line is the child is so adorable, it doesn't matter. As for being grateful for small things, I know how hard it is to do that when you are in the midst of plenty. I could never have imagined what we have seen, but if the letters and blog postings help folks pause now & then to be thankful, they will have served a good purpose.

  4. Oh, and I'm sorry to say that I didn't get a picture of the little girl who was so happy to have the plastic water bottle. I wish I had. But she will be forever in my mind's eye.