Monday, February 27, 2012

Brussels to Kinshasa

This is a fleeting overview of Brussels as we took off.  It was the only chance I had to see it. Our flight out of Chicago was over an hour late taking off.  First, the repair crew took care of our plane, but signed the wrong paper.  Then they couldn't be found to come & correct it, so the plane had to be inspected again (labor unions at their best!)  When we got to Brussels. our connecting flight was about to leave.  With very heavy carry-ons in tow, we had to RUN to the far-off Brussels security, then race down a VERY long terminal to a carpeted circular ramp that went down a couple stories and finally (barely able to breathe) we lurched the last 100 yrds. to a bus which was just leaving and which we HAD to catch to transport us across to our Brussels Airline connection. After all that, it was worth the risk of a heart attack as we discovered what REAL service is like on an airline.  We had some beautiful French females & a handsome male bringing us all sorts of delicious treats, not to mention a hot meal that was better than some I've had in restaurants.  This picture doesn't really do the city justice, but I just had to get a photo of the homeland of my maternal Grandfather, Armand Meerte.

I know, you are thinking "mountains?"... but these aren't just ANY mountains.  These are the French Alps!

And, this is not just ANY coastline.  It's Casablanca!

The red desert sands of Algeria went on as far as the eye could see.  I wondered how anything or anyone (except maybe camels) could survive very long crossing that land.  

We arrived around 9pm UTC/GMT, so it was too dark to see around us then, but the next day we got our first look at the mighty Congo River from one side of the roof that wraps around our third story apartment.  We have a couple other views, but this is the prettiest.

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  1. It was nice to see your travel pictures and the view from your new home. I hope things have settled down for you guys. I can't wait for the next update. Stay safe. Love, Juli