Saturday, June 18, 2011

George E. Smith and Joan G. Smith

My favorite picture of George and me.  It is the one we submitted with our mission application.


  1. Welcome aboard! So happy to have you coming to the Congo.

  2. Thanks! We are getting more & more excited as we gain more & more knowledge and complete even small steps toward getting there. At this point, with the whirlwind of thoughts, questions, preparations (physical, financial, educational, etc) I count it as a victory to have even figured out how to start this simple blog... the cosmetics will have to come in time.

  3. Mom, I am so excited for you. You are going to a mission where great things are happening. With a new temple in the works, you are going to see and be part of miracles. Now start filling this blog with content so the rest of us can be blessed.